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Welcome to our small, intimate and peaceful beach resort,

located on Agpudlos Beach in the mid northern part of Tablas Island, Romblon. 

Footprints Beach Resort is a small family built and run beach resort. The owners Owen from Norway & his wife Angie from the Philippines built the resort during the years of 2016/2017 and opened to the public in February 2017.


In the few following years until today, we have kept expanding bit by bit, adding more rooms and infrastructure to our cozy little beach paradise. We hope to continue our expanding growth slowly over time.

The Footprints family is getting bigger and bigger and more guests turning into friends which turning into part of the Footprints family. That is how we like it here at Footprints Beach Resort.

The owners family have grown as well, with two adorable little children, Philip and Olivia and three dogs Nala, Zion and Mustasch. 


Footprints beach resort currently have 7 bungalows for rental and a cozy beach bar and restaurant ready to serve you delicious shakes, drinks, appetizers, desserts and meals.

Here in Tablas island you will find yourself surrounded by an abundance of tall coconut trees, rice fields, water falls, native animals, beaches and a friendly local communities.

The sunsets here are some of the most mesmerizing color shows you can imagine. It will put you into a calm and relaxing mood of state and it truly feels like time slows down. Its one of those perfect opportunity to capture a great holiday picture to share with your family back home.

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