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Tablas island is the biggest out of all the 20 islands found in Romblon Province MIMAROPA.

The most known islands in Romblon province are Romblon island, Tablas island, Sibuyan island and San Jose (Carabao) island next to world famous Boracay island.

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Romblon here on Wikipedia.

Tablas island here on Wikipedia.

Wanna do a tour?


Since Tablas island being the size it is, it can be challenging finding all the sweet spots

like waterfalls, caves, best snorkelling spots, hidden beaches, overlooking areas for breathtaking views, mountain hiking etc... So that is why its good to have a tour guide when visiting Tablas island for you to get the best experience.

You may download the pdf files below, containing all the provided details with rates and contact numbers for booking your Tablas / Romblon tour already today.

RIX (Romblon Island Explorer) is a local family run tour guide company.

They know all the best hidden sweet spots in Tablas island and around the province of Romblon. They are also open to customise your holiday adventure if

you for example want to do a longer multiple day trip around the many different islands ,

or you can pick and select the different destinations from their package.


Visit them on:

Facebook: Romblon Island Xplorer

Instagram: romblon.island.explorer 

Download their packages and rates below:

RIX Package tours and rates.pdf

RIX Poster and contact.pdf

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